About Libya Center

The Libya Center for Strategic and Future Studies is a civil society institution. Established in November 2011, and its work focuses on:

- Providing the vision and strategies and analyzing their results.
- A thinktank that assists decision-makers in the management of public policy.
- Contribute to establishing democratic values in the new Libya.
- Seeking to integrate Libya in the regional, continental and international levels.

To achieve its vision and goals, the Libya Center has adopted certain guiding principles for itself and all its members. These guiding principles can be summarized in the following:

1. Having a clear vision.
2. Having academic and professional commitment.
3. Following a methodical and abstract approach of thinking about the issues.
4. The ability to conduct field-work and surveys.
5. The ability to analyze and think methodically.
6. The ability to present multiple solutions for each issue, comparing the solutions and presenting evidence-supported findings.
7. Complete organizational, financial, and professional independence.